Blue Connect

Is your pool water clean and healthy? Blue Connect analyzes the quality of your water and lets you know the dosage of products for your pool. All this from your smartphone.

  • Works with IFTTT
Blue Connect

And advanced technology connected
to your smartphone

  • The status of your pool at a glance.

    Not only do you see the general condition of your pool, but also the perfect time for swimming thanks to the integrated weather forecasts.

  • Become an expert of your pool.

    You want even more?
    Visualize the exact values of the water of your pool and their evolutions.

  • No time to check your app?

    Relax... Blue Connect notifies you when it detects a change in your pool or spa.

Easy setup!

  1. Download the app: iOS or Android

  2. Connect the application
    and Blue Connect

  3. Place Blue Connect in the water, and you're all set!

A quality product. Blue Connect is the only pool analyzer whose sensor is guaranteed for two years.

Blue Connect quality

  1. Blue Connect is guaranteed 2 years

  2. Elected Innovation Award at CES 2017 & Grand Prix at the Paris Fair 2016

  3. Member of the Fluidra group and market leader since 2017

Technical features

253mm x 96mm
Sigfox®, Bluetooth Low Energy® (BLE)
Operating system
iOS, Android™ (4.0 Bluetooth®, Android™ 4.3 et iOS 9.0)
Protection standard
IPx8 standard
Temperature, pH, ORP / ORP, Conductivity
Operating temperature
5 to 50°C
0 to 999 mV
250 to 15.000 μS/cm
Sigfox®, Bluetooth Low Energy® (BLE)
Operating system
iOS, Android™ (4.0 Bluetooth®, Android™ 4.3 and iOS 9.0)
Power supply
1 lithium battery (thionyl chloride)
Rated voltage
3,6 V
English, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese
Territorial compatibility
EU: 868 MHZ. US / AU : 902 / 920 MHZ

Des utilisateurs satisfaits

  • Je possède un blue pour contrôler la piscine de mon établissement hôtelier depuis 1 mois et j’en suis très content.
    Clément MARTOCQ Clément MARTOCQ
  • Votre produit est superbe et tellement utile. votre produit est génial !!!!!!!!
    G Bérat G Bérat
  • Bonjour, génial votre support à distance.
    Eric grogna Eric grogna
  • Bonjour Au bout de 35 ans de piscine il est agréable de voir de vrais innovations. Je vous remercie de votre confiance qui est largement partagée.
    Jean Bronzini de Caraffa Jean Bronzini de Caraffa
  • Je suis très content du produit, c’est génial! Je m’occupe d’une piscine dans une copropriété et cela m’aide beaucoup.
    Cuvilier P. Cuvilier P.